Koyakujia Beel(Lake) cum Park


Koyakujia Beel(Lake) cum Park:

Nature gives men stones- Men creates sculptures out of them. When the labor is combined with aesthetic sense, the nature also pours its blessing by gifting its beauty. Koya Kujiya, we can call it as Gods own creations if mans interventions was not there. We can call it as man made paradise, it is not a natural landscape. But it is the junction of intermingling nature’s beauty and human labor. The wordless worth Beauty Queen Koya Kujia is located near the town of Abhayapuri, the Debodaru Nagari. Once the capital of Bijni Raj Estate, now tending towards a tourism destination because of escalating fame of Koya Kujiya Eco Park.

   The oblong shaped Beel of 86.6 hect, combined with number of small islands through which the enrooting water body is spread along is the new attraction for the tourists who visit this part of the country. The Oblong shape park consist of 11 nos of Tilas (islands) around where the beautiful water body is running around. Surrounded by the Malegarh Pahar Range, where the sunset is melodious reflecting its rays in waters of Koya Kujiya Beels is inexpressible in words. Boating in Koya Kujiya through the channels in between the small islands where sky touching Sal Trees are standing gives immense pleasure and altogether a different experience.

Koyakujiya Beel(Lake)

Koyakujiya Beel(Lake)

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