District at a glance

  •  Division: Lower Assam
  •  Headquarter: Bongaigaon
  •  Sub-Divisions: 3
  •  Revenue Circles: 5
  •  Development Blocks: 5
  •  Geographical Area: 1093 Sq. KM
    (Source: Census of India-2011)
  •  Population: 7,38,804 
  •  Literacy: 4,35,922 (70.44%)
  •  Revenue Villages: 563
  •  Panchayats: 65
  • Border District : Kokrajhar, Barpeta, Dhubri and Goalpara.
  • Health Institutions:
    • Bongaigaon Civil Hospital (200 bedded) - 1
    • Community Health Centre - 2
    • Model Hospital - 2
    • Block Primary Health Centre - 4
    • Mini Primary Health Centre & State Dispensary - 24
    • Char Primary Health Centre - 2
    • Urban Primary Health Centre - 1
    • Sub-Centre - 91
  • Police Stations:
    • Police Stations - 5 [Bongaigaon, Abhayapuri, Manikpur, Jogighopa, Mererchar]
    • Outposts  - 5 [Bidyapur, Boitamari, North Salmara, Borghola, Salabila]


Bongaigaon is a district in Assam under Lower Assam Division. It is bounded by Chirang district in the North, Barpeta District in the East and Goalpara District in the South and Dhubri & Kokrajhar District in the West. The latitude and longitude range of Bongaigaon  district is 26o28' North to 26o54' North & 89East to 90o96' East respectively.

Why visit District Name?

→ Rich in culture, spirituality and nature

→ A place of great religious importance

→ Rich heritage

Best Time to Visit ?

→ Winter : November – February

→ Summer : March – April

How to reach: The district is well connected by NH-31, NH-31(B) and NH-31(C). There are mainly three bus stands of which two are public and other is government(ASTC)station.There are many direct buses from Bongaigaon To Guwahati(Capital Of Assam) and Siliguri (In West Bengal).

There is very good availability of buses plying from Guwahati, Barpeta, Dhubri, Kokrajhar, Goalpara etc. to Barpeta. There is flexibility of timings. Plenty of buses travel between Guwahati and Bongaigaon. The district lies about 126 KM (approx.) via Barpeta-Nalbari and NH 31 towards South West of Guwahati with an average travel time of 3 hours. Taxies are available also for hire from all major destinations to Barpeta.


By Train: The nearest Rail Station from the District Head Qtr. is Bongaigaon and New Bongaigaon. The District is connected by Train Services from all parts in the country.Train connections are available in the district on the both bank of mighty Brahmaputra.Trains (Goods/passenger/mail) plying in the Northern bank mainly are Rajdhani Express,Kamrup Express,North East ,Trivundrum Express,Dadar Express,Saraighat Express,Brahmaputra mail etc.Most of the trains having their stoppage at Bongaigaon and New-Bongaigaon. In both the station reservation can be done for any train. In addition to these, there are some local trains to Guwahati and New Jalpaiguri runs from Bongaigaon. In the morning hours for the officers and others having works at state capital (Dispur,Guwahati)can have comfortable journey on Siphung and Manash-Rhino(Both are BG passenger trains). Another BG local train is palying in between New-Bongaigaon and Guwahati via Pancharatna.Some other stations in the district are Dangtol,Patiladoha, Bijni, Chaprakata, Jogighopa and Abhayapuri.

DC Office to Bongaigaon Railway Station(View on Google Map) 
DC Office to New Bongaigaon Railway Station(View on Google Map)

By Air: 

Rupsi Airport:: Rupsi Airport is an airport located in Rupsi situated at Kokrajhar district near the border of Dhubri district of Assam. This airport serves as a way for people of the lower part of Assam to travel to India's major cities and states.  The approximate distance is about 100.4KM from DC Office, Bongaigaon to Rupsi Airport.

From DC Office to Rupsi Airport via NH 17  by Road (View on Google Map)

Lokopriya Gopinath Bordoloi Airport::The 2nd nearest Air port is LOKOPRIYA GOPINATH BORDOLOI, situated at Borjhar (18-km East)of Guwahati. This is an recognized International Air port and is served by taxis and airport buses, including those run by Indian airlines. 

From DC Office to LPG Internation Air Port via Goalpara (View on Google Map) 
From DC Office to LPG Internation Air Port via Rangia (View on Google Map)

Weather: Min: , Max:

Summer Min Temp : 13o C and  Max Temp 35o 

The climate of Bongaigaon remains mild and pleasant round the year. Tropical monsoon climate of the District provides two distinct seasons- Summer and Winter. The Summer season of March to May is followed by the Monsoons from June to September. This is followed by cool winter season from October to February.

Natural Tourism

Bongaigaon District have many important places and some historical places the people may visit. Some of tourist attractions are Nigomghola, Koyakujia Beel, Naakkati Hill, Tamranga Beel, Bhairabsura the famous hill, Rajbhawan of Rani Abhayaswari, Bagheswari Hill, Ganesh temple  etc


The decision of the Government of Assam in 1989, to create a new District of Bongaigaon by curving out some areas of the Goalpara and Kokrajhar District with its headquarter located at Bongaigaon was quite challenging. It was the political and administrative exigencies which had necessitated the sudden creation of this new district, although the people of Bongaigaon and the adjoining areas were demanding a new Sub-Division with its headquarter to be located at Bongaigaon from the very beginning. This decision to create a new District, Bongaigaon was quite challenging because the very idea to create such a district was neither a long standing one nor a tested one. Moreover, the decision to set up a district headquarter at Bongaigaon was more challenging as there was no Sub-divisional infrastructure in this town, whereas the other newly created district head quarters of Assam had Sub-divisional infrastructures of their own. In the absence of such basic infrastructure, the initiation of the activity of the district headquarter was almost started on the street, which was not only challenging task but also novel one.

  On 29th September, 1989, the creation of Bongaigaon District was declared by the Government of Assam with its headquarter at Bongaigaon. The major portion of the areas of erstwhile Bijni and Sidli estates along with tracts of Eastern Duars was curved out of Goalpara and Kokrajhar District in October, 1989 in order to create a newest district of Assam, Bongaigaon.

Did you know?

The name of Bongaigaon town and district is the elongation of a fig and old village named Bongaigaon alias Bong-ai-gaon situated on the southern border of the town. According to hearsay (1) in the distant past there were plenty of wild(Bon) Cows (Gai) in the surrounding hilly and forest areas. So, the villagers assembled time to time to drive away the wild cows for protecting their crops. Thus this area was popularly known as Bon-Gai-Gaon. (2) Another hereby says that, in that big village areas there lived one nature-poet named 'Bong' (Bong Roy) who could induce laughter’s to all his bye-standers with his cryptic but harmless oral composition describing the situation on the spot and in return he could collect grains or coins voluntarily offered by the audience. This was his only source of income and profession . Thus his area was roughly identified as the village of Bong(Ray) i.e. Bong-er-Gaon which gradually changed to Bongaigaon. This Bongaigaon village area was famous for orange fruits which were sold along with other agricultural products in the nearest market named Birjhora Bazar located at the heart of present Bongaigaon town. The word Birjhora was derived from Bir+Jirowa(Jirowa means resting place) of Bir(hero). It is believed that the noble hero Chilarai rested here for about two months during rainy season at the time of his invading the neighboring Kingdoms of entire north-east India.