Last Updated on: July 11, 2022

Office of the Assistant Director of Sericulture, Bongaigaon

About the Department:
Mandate of Department:

Sericulture Department, Govt. of Assam excutes all the works related to expansion and development of Sericulture in the state.

  •  Primarily responsible for transfer of latest Technology .
  • Facilitate rearers to conduct rearing at Govt.VGR /Centre/Farms by proper maintenance of the institution.
  • Assistance to Sericulturist in from of Govt. Schemes, Grants –in-aid, institutional/Bank Finance.
  • Motivation, capacity building and empowerment through training, exposer visits, participation in fair or Melas and marketing linkage support through Cocoon Bank.
  • Expansion of plantation to increase in production of quality leaf/foliage for Silkworm rearing.
  •  Ensuring timely supply of quality Seed.

At the district level Assistant Director of Sericulture (ADS) is the head of the department who is the administrative as well as technical head in the district. ADS maintains liason with other department and to look after various Technical and administrative matters, Institutional/Bank finance within the district.


As the main function of the department is transfer technology and expansion in Sericulture department Demostrator acts at the key person at the grass root level that i.e. in Seri Circle in Bongaigaon District Cocoon marketing Inspector supervise activities of SD.  All this Officials are involve in implementing departmental scheme/programme. Other activities such as training motivational programme supply of Seed cuttings Seedling marketing linkage are also their responsibilities. In addition to these each SD In- charge of atleast one (1) Govt. VGR/CMG.