District Transport Office, Bongaigaon

Last Updated on: July 11, 2022

District Transport Office, Bongaigaon

Mandate of the department:

The Transport Department was created by introducing a separate Transport Commissionerate vide Notification no. TMV/320/51/3 dated 03/01/1952 in accordance with the provision of the Section 213(1) of the MV Act, 1988. Earlier all regulation of traffic was entrusted to the Inspector General of Police as a statutory responsibility under Police Act. The administrative head of the department is Principal Secretary and Head of the department  is the Commissioner of Transport. The Transport Department is one of the major revenue earning department of the Assam. The Commissioner of Transport is the head of the department and he is assisted by Sr. Addl. Commissioner of Transport, Joint Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Assistant Commissioners and staff. The commissioner of Transport is also the ex-officio Secretary, State Transport Authority. There are total 33 district level offices which are headed by a District Transport Officer and he is assisted by Motor Vehicle Inspector, Enforcement Inspector, Assistant Enforcement Inspector, Enforcement Checkers and other office staff. The District Transport Office in Bongaigaon district is one of a major and important office. This office is situated in the North-Salmara & Bongaigaon Road at 26.44777 latitude and 90.562993 longitude.


District Transport office, Bongaigaon is responsible for registration of vehicles, issuance & renewal of driving licence, transfer of ownership of vehicles, granting of road permits, detection of offender and defaulter vehicles, collection of motor vehicle taxes, fees and fines under Motor Vehicle Rules and Act. The district transport office also responsible for organizing campaigns, imparting education and creating awareness among road users for better road safety. This department doing day to day works under the following rules and regulations: (a) Motor Vehicles (amended) Act 1988 (b)Central Motor Vehicles Rules,1989, (c)Assam Motor Vehicle Rules,2003 (4) Assam Motor Vehicle Taxation Act.1936 (5) Assam Motor Vehicle Taxation Rules .The District Transport Office, Bongaigaon has played a major role in collection of revenue in the bygone years and by this way this office has strengthening the govt. excheckers. This office has collected Rs. 72, 69, 54, 612.00 as revenue during the period 2017- 2019.
Below is the organizational structure of Commissionerate of Transport :    
(a) Commissioner of Transport & Secy, STA, Assam
(b) Sr. Addl. Commissioner of Transport
(c) Joint Commissioner, H.Q.
(d) Joint Commissioner, BTAD
(e) Deputy Commissioner of Transport, 3 no's
(f)  Assistant Commissioner of Transport, 4no's
(g) District Transport Officer, 33 no's.