Bakijai Clearance Certificate

Last Updated on: July 06, 2022

Apply for Bakijai Clearance Certificate


  • Any Citizen of 18 years or above.
  • A required amount of fees should be paid as per rule.
  • Required sets of documents are to be submitted.

Bakijai Clearance Certificates are legal document required for various official works. The document/paper is mandatory to be attached with other documents at the time of filling Nomination paper during Panchayat Election/Assembly Election/Parliamentary Election . 
Process Flow
Eligibility Criteria: -
Any citizen of 18 years or above.
Fees: - NIL for offline service.
Documents Required:-
1. Original Affidavit
2. Scan Copy of up to date and revenue payment receipt
3. Scan Copy of Court fee stamp
4. Passport Sized Photograph
5. Any Other documents (if any)
How to apply:-
For getting Bakijai Clearance Certificate, an applicant approach to respective DC/SDO (C) office along with duly filled up applicant. 
Type of Service:-


Offline: Yes  

Forms to be filled :-

Whom to Contact :-   Concerned Deputy Commissioner/ Sub-Divisional Officer (Civil)/Circle Offices/CSC.